Sniper Highlights

You know that “hey yer about to take massive thermal damage yo” laser that lights you and the sniper up when sniping? Well, think about real life for a sec. Since when does a sniper stick a giant red laser on his gun and turn it on before he fires? And since when is a beam of light 100% visible? Well physics this game has not.

Anyways, I was thinking that the beam should have a purpose aside from letting you know where the sniper is. Maybe it should do little smidgens of damage as it is held on or near the target. Y’know, like a real laser, just a bit weaker. Idk I’d just like it to mean something besides “hey look at me! I’m a sniper!!”

Balance reasons. Learn to use the sniper weapon and avoid that. A good sniper pilot won’t let you see the laser, and the first laser you will see is the desintegrator shot.

* Gets a wing of 11 empire snipers and a reacon*

* Sit all in one area and everyone points laser on target *

It is not all about realism. In an arcade style game it is about fun and balance. A long time ago there was no indicator for snipers shooting you from 10-20k distance.

+1 to reverting to that version


Ok lol nevermind. I like the now.



You are funny.