Small storage, losing items

This is not really a bug but a design flaw that cause me to lose 4000 coins worth of items. I am very dissatisfied with what’s been done past months to fix this, that means nothing! I bought all 4 Battle Pass phases, i got 40 each Crystal Archcortex/Neocortex. But the SAFE storage capacity for those is 10, so i had 40/10. Naturally i tried to sell the extra, but some players are exploiting this, the guy who i sold to declined the trade he ordered and i was unable to reclaim the items from mail due to having too many !!! HOW CAN YOU SELL 40 ITEMS AND LEAVE US ROOM TO STORE ONLY 10?!?!? I seen this was already reported but you did nothing to fix it!  I paid money for items to support the game, but will no longer make any purchase in your game in such unfair conditions until this problem is fixed and my items restored. Support does not read tickets fully, they also ask for details that i already sent, wasting my time for months and doing nothing.