Small step, big improvement :P


I have an idea to make “open world” a bit better.

The idea is to make a sphere around the warp gates (lets say 1000m/500m). That prevents from atacking/being attacked, and slowly regenerates hp/hull.

(Including npc and players)



  • It doesnt work while in combat.

  • It doesnt work on pvp maps.

  • It doesnt work when karma is on lvl <0




It would be really nice to take a break and repair or afk a bit.



I don’t like it, it would just boost cearbare’s ability to hide.

Do you know that if you use a gate you are fully repaired?

You already get a spawn immunity after jumping. If you want to be safe from NPCs just travel to the edge of the map, out of their sensor range. If you want to totally AFK without any danger of dying, just safe log out.


All gates have those thingy things around it, i think 4 of them, you can hide unter them.

No NPC will chase you to there, not even the police. But they’ll wait for you :smiley: