Small Improvements V1

So far this game has been great and I love how it plays. After about 1.5 weeks of playing,

Here is some few issues/suggestions/tweaks that I have come across…




Suggestion 1: Add a symbol or different Icon that highlights your squad mates. For instance the color yellow would be great. This way you can keep track of your squad mates ship(s) and provide more support inciting more teamwork.


Reason - Right now, there is no differentiating factor between squad mates or team mates. 


Suggestion 2: Add a simple chat call out system as in Counter Strike with simple call outs like “Help I need back up.” or " Capping beacon." or “Need assistance.” in some hot keys that you can set. Though this might not work in theory as we have enough buttons to play with right now, but it could be a neat idea if implemented correctly. 



Issue 1: The resolution glitch is still there for me. Max resolution possible is still 4000 x 900 Stretched  Which is not even playable even though it shows it can go higher it only reverts to that if set to anything above 1920 x 1080p.


Uber Suggestion: (I don’t know if we have this) but is there a function in the game to hold down a key and charge your weapon in a large blast, But the catch is that it takes all the energy from your shield and engines? Other wise it could be a fun feature to have to charge your weapon, compounding the damage, but adding the risk of having a lower shield and engines the longer you charge it. 


For example. Rapid fire plasma’s. (Other weapons can apply here too. Lazer could have a stronger burst, Rail guns could shoot almost 3 times as fast in a burst.)


Hold Space (Set hot key here) and charge your weapon for a burst of plasma. The effect gets compounded the longer you hold it. 


Stats could be 


2 sec hold - 20 Shield pts drain per second + 20 Energy drain per second = 1.5 dmg normal burst of plasma in one shot. 

4 sec hold - 40 Shield pts drain per second + 40 Energy drain per second = 1.7 dmg normal burst of plasma in one shot. 

6 sec hold - 60 Shield pts drain per second + 20 Energy drain per second = 2.0 dmg normal burst of plasma in one shot. 



This could initiate some creative play…make your comments known!