Small Changes

Alright, some of these items address may have already been addressed by older posts and I may have just missed them, and if so, sorry. Also, these are my thoughts after just a week of playing this great game.


Kill feed

I am sure that this is probably being worked on, or at least hope so, as I believe that it is pretty cluttered and doesn’t quickly give the information to newer players. So maybe a bit cleaner, say with the name of the player giving the killing blow, with the people whom assisted with such kill listed in smaller font just below the killers name, with a image of the weapon used to deliver the killing blow next to the killers name, then the name of the player killed. (Hopefully that made sense)


Death Cam

The way that there is a camera, much like Battlefield 3, on your killer, just after the act of murder is committed, but i feel this could be improved. Much like in Battlefield 3, i believe that a small interface explaining a bit more information the the ship, its class, weapons, power ups, and, mainly, how much health/shields it has after it killed you. I feel this would be a nice touch, that, if a player comes extremely close to killing a foe and is bested, and they can see how close they were, may compel them to play more an do better, following their targets more, or could just be a nice feature. Sorry to link in other games, but taking similar ideas from other games can add a lot and, if used correctly, could make a better game then where the ideas are taken from.


Ship Customization/Decoration

I understand that there are already the whole ‘sticker’ area of them game, but I believe the customization of the ships look could be pushed further. If allowing players to set up their own basic paint job for their ships, I think that just being able to change the basic color scheme of their ship. I, for example, love the Federations ship design, but I’m not a fan of their colors, which turns me away from the ships, even though it may seem a little stupid. Also, perhaps a bit of a unlock system for emblems and such which would go on the ship and in the info bar in the previously outlined death cam interface, which are unlocked by certain challenges, like a certain amount of kills with a particular ship/class/team/weapon. 


These were a few of the ideas I believe should be added to this great game, and, as before, I apologies if these were already written about/in production or anything of the sorts. 

+1 I’m constantly finding my self wondering what I was killed with but all I know is the ship and the players name and often its really hard to keep track of the killfeed when I die as there is usually the spawn menu blocking it making it near impossible to read before it changes.