Small change for future events

For events like this in the future, there really needs to be an “alternate path” for people who don’t have the pass, where they still get small rewards for completing stages. Maybe just credits or standard resources, but anything other than a sigh of disappointment would be fabulous.

You actually do get six Undocking System parts if you complete all the stages, for free. Paying gets you two extra, which you can likely, eventually, sell to people who don’t finish, or start later. Tornado is available to everyone, if they hustle.


As well, you get six portraits, two taunts, some colour presets and templates, and some stickers.

I never said they didn’t get anything. I’m just saying it would be nice to get more than nothing on the days you don’t actually unlock something.



That wasn’t completely clear.


Something like the Homescapes system then? Two tiers with prizes for each stage, piddly ones for unpaid, and good ones for paid?


Can’t say I’m against that.

1 hour ago, ScireEstMelius said:

piddly ones for unpaid, and good ones for paid?

This is exactly what I mean.