Hey Guys,

 SkyLyne Arc is a cassual corp of active members.
We enjoy flying together as a group and helping one another out. We also use TeamSpeak
for socializing and in game coordination.
The Corp is full of all kinds of people all of which are nice and helpful. We are looking
for active players who enjoy having fun and are team players. You don’t need to be the best
player you just need to enjoy having fun and helping out your corp.

We are a top corp with almost 150 active member.

We are also in alliance with the CDF-Alliance

If you would like to
join you may contact any officer of the corp here or in game.


STEAM: SKLAforglory

Cowboybibop - CEO
Chorso - VP
NightWing5 - VP
varon - VP

DarkGuardian - Officer

AngryRhino - Officer
Azmodan102 - Officer
dagort - Officer
flowflow - Officer
kalimeru - Officer
Kurumu - Officer
Raknar - Officer
SnuffyTheSeal - Officer


On behalf of the dark side, welcome!

Welcome to the forum ! :slight_smile:

Thank you guys. If there is anything I can do for anyone, just shoot me a PM. Doesn’t matter what corp you are or what Tier you are in. I will do my best to help out if I can.