Sk'rah launcher and destabilizing field mechanics changes

I propose to do some changes to sk’rah launcher, this weapon do little damage but too hight range of bounce bullets. i propose to increase damage but reduce the range from 400m to 300/200m 

Destabilizing field atm it’s impossible to elude and doing a lot of damage, i propose to change the mechanic of the launch of this module i thought something similar to the pyro emitter a small pre loading 

For destabilizing field, I must agree that the current mechanic is bad. 


IMO what fit more destabilizing field is :

Launch a projectile that leaves a trail on his path that last for 4 seconds. 

And all ships that flies into the trail get the current debuff . 

Destabilizing field is only thing that scares those little pesky covies with plasma arc. If you want that change for destabilizing field then plasma arc should be change to “plasma arc attack in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1” after pressing button because it is “impossible to elude”.

yes but using plasma arc need skills to use you need to do some evasive manuvering for elude photon, weapon ecc…and plasma arc not ever destroy all modules and (plasma arc don’t kill a destro)destibilizing field is at the moment too OP (and without any tipe of skill to launch this)

Destabilizing field needs to change.  I agree.


The sk’rah launcher needs that range, I agree increase the damage but that range should stay.  I feel it’s a bit underpowered as is.

I played with the sk’rah but 400 is too hight can hit anything on a beacon and stop the capturing continuosly

Sk’rah should stay as it is. The only thing that I see about it that could change is the fact that it easily has the highest default range of fire of all interceptor weapons. It could be lowered to something like 2,500 or something.

As the Destabilising Field is a speed inhibiting effect, I strongly believe this should at least be able to be switched off by using a multipurpose module through the R8 Armadillo II crew.

Destroyers should be biggest and strongest ships able to withstand more then plasma arc and few shots but best example is antares. You take covie with plasma arc and camo and poor antares dont have engine, all 4 modules and in most cases 1/2 of its hull, and all of that without sophisticated maneuvers. Sirius special module is destabilizing field and its only worth looking module, i dont count this worthless cooler as tyrant get more and better stuff for its role, and because this module is powerfull against small ships you want nerf it? After that sirius will be flying ugly brick not worth anything.

Sirius is ONLY destroyer small ships afraid and you must understand that people dont waste time and money for flying ugly brick that can be killed in seconds.

Destroyers can easly be killed by plasma arc, singularity cannon, phaser, coil mortar, eclipse perhaps we nerf them to because they are to powerfull against destroyers! Every coin has two sides.

2 hours ago, Shotan said:

As the Destabilising Field is a speed inhibiting effect, I strongly believe this should at least be able to be switched off by using a multipurpose module through the R8 Armadillo II crew.

Are you serious? 

The sole purpose of that mod is for interceptors at very close range, fitted on a ship that can be fast enough to never be hit by CO. 


I must have missed something really important, because I don’t see at all how that thing is any useful. 

It’s by far better to go photon/hybrid/piro/blackhole IMO. 

The only reason people want the destabilizing field gone is the majority that plays inties and sees it as a proper threat to their plasma arc-ing strategy. I see no problem with it as it only needs less speed and more maneuverability to counter its effects.

As for the skrah, it has some other mechanics other than just pew pew boom, it’s fine.

I personally think that the damage done by destabilizing field could be a bit less and the sk’rah cannon damage could be a bit more. Maybe to balance it make the damage from the deflected bullets be a bit less. The weapon as-is is only really great on beacons, anything else its just not enough damage. Outfitting 4 ships for multiple scenarios is not really happening if you use that weapon as-is.

Skrah already doing great dmg as is, and if you count in bounces it is comes close to the most dmg weapon on interceptors, if you use it right, it needs no buff. what happened to all the people compaling how it is OP adn doing enormous dmg- nothing has changed since then.

Destabilizing field, just need a visible/audible clue to the affected target that effect is in progress, so target can counteract accordingly if it choses to do so, currently most of the people are to stupid to even realise they got hit by it, dmg itself is fine.