Skirmish PvE Mode can be enhanced for ALL players to enjoy

SKIRMISH PvE mode is unbalanced and presents an unpleasant game experience for some members of a team.

The following suggestion is based on the parameters of the Skirmish mode. A player cannot choose the Level bonuses offence/defence of their team mates. In most cases the team is very unbalanced since there can be very strong team mates and very weak team mates. Often you are asked to choose a Game Level far above what your ship can be effective at. For example your ship might be efffective at Level 20 but the strong players want level 75.

TWO unpleasant game breaking scenarios then occur:

  1. You choose your level and find that your team mates destroy the enemies before you can make a kill. Your team mates are so strong that their effectivness means they complete the objectives by themselves and you have done NOTHING.
  2. You choose the Level that the strong team mates want. Your ship is too weak to be effective against the high level enemies so you spend the game hiding and doing NOTHING.

I am sure that many players find this aspect of the game to be very unpleasant and annoying.

HERE IS THE SOLUTION in two parts:

  1. Auto calulate the game Level based on TEAM COLLECTIVE OFFENCIVE STRENGTH. For example: Player 1 has Level 20/25, Player 2 has Level 35/20, Player 3 has Level 125/120, Player 4 has Level 90/80 : CALC: 20+35+125+90=270/4=67.50 LEVEL OF THE GAME SHOULD BE 67
  2. ADJUST ALL PLAYERS OFFENCIVE BONUS TO 67. This way all players will have the same offencive capability to be effective in the game. DEFENCIVE BONUS should remain unadjusted so that players that have invested in defencive bonus will have that advantage but will not be able to kil all the enemies with a GOD GUN.

This seems like a fair solution to fix the imbalance in the SKIRMISH matches. Alternatively you can present players with both variations : CLASSIC SKIRMISH or ENHANCED SKIRMISH

Please look at this solution suggestion to improve the game further.

Thank you.