Skills and tier

Actualy, a rank 3 skill only aply in rank 3 ships or highter. Instead this, put this way by exemple:


-A t2 skill only aply in t2 ships or highter


T1- rank 1,2,3: Any ship t1 will have all skill i learn in t1.



I say this because i want use the black boomber(t3 rank 8 fed interceptor) as my main t3 ship beacause this ship is faster. But i want the rank 9 skill on this ship(increase afterburn speed in 20%).


I sure this change no going mess the game balance.


Sry my bad English

yeah i with you on that - changed my ship just because i wasn’t getting that rank 6 reward 

I didn’t understand what you were saying until I read this


now I get it. Yeah sounds like a good idea.