Skill tree Rework + Other Mechs

Skill Tree

Adding a Skill tree for each respective Category is great, But it will become to complex if you group them just according to three categories, unless you make three primary braches (or more) for example

Weapon (Parent Tree) branches to


> Plasma

> Branches to Plasma Overload [Go’s To] New weapons (Assault); Branch focus’s in increasing damage

> Branches to Plasma Efficiency [Go’s To] New weapons (Rapid Fire); Branch focus’s in increasing speed

> Branches to Plasma Support [Go’s To] New Passive Mods; Gives support mods

Weapons tree will have 3 chains, each for its respective damage type, and each of those with 3 respective sub-tree’s to increase Rof, Damage, or Falloff accuracy.

Defensive Tree (parent Tree) Branches into two


> Regeneration

> Raw increase

> Resistance


> Regeneration

> Raw increase

> Resistance


>Electronic warfare

>Electronic Counter Measures (used to reduce hostile effects via active or passive mods or passive talents)


> Thrusters (to increase speed via passive, or mods this tree is primarily to support a new mod type"afterburner") see below for details

> Engine support (gives access to passive mods)


> Specialization (increases amount healed from mods, and grants access to healing mods)

> Optimization (reduces cooldown, and energy costs)

> Effectiveness (Increases range)

Here is a visual.


Thrusters and afterburners

the current “afterburner” should be reworked to be known as “thrusters”.

Add a new Active mod that increases movement speed by x factor , consuming x energy. Base these on the ships movement speed base so that the speed-friendly faces gain the most advantages from using these mod but its attractive to others.

Ship Specialization (New)

Each ship will be upgradable using experience points, this change is due to the nerf in the amount of hogs in the skill tree. those points can use now used to upgrade a ship, which will boost its flat stats say 2-3% per a level up to level 10.

This change is an alternative to adding larger ship classes like Battleship etc. Though i feel that atleast 2 more classes should be added (destroyer and cruiser at the very minimum)

Racial Changes

Racial Skills will also be based in the skill tree, but will be unique to each faction. Equiping a cloak on a none empire type should shoudent be allowed. this will help to bolster full-raced base clans.

Set up each tree (so that you have)

* the ability to go out side of your racial item

* Each race has a unique technology that its play style is based on (each race, not each faction) For example

Regenerative Shields - Jerico

Cloaking - Federation

Warp Speeds - Empire (warp speeds, will be a race wide effect of zooming around, much like the fighters do when they can jump 100km in a few seconds (currently an interceptor ability)

Give each faction an variation of the technology; and make those virations depend on end-chain tree specializations. for example

Combat Cloaking - Damage bonus after decloaking

Improved Cloaking - Lasts 3 minutes or tell deactivated.

Combat Regenerative shielding - Adds 25% Reduction to all damage times

Improved Regenerative sheilds - increased regeneration

Improved Warp speeds - Entering and Exiting makes you disable enemies in 3km for 5 seconds.

Slipstreme - can be used more often, and go’s father.

Note all jump abilitys should deactivate when hitting the button again, as it is not this is not the case, you just simply move that fast in that time, but micro-jumps should be possible, to allow this race to be aggressive with hit run tactics

Tactics that will develope from these technologies

Jerico - Tank and spank

Federation - Ambush

Empire - Hit and run

Federation > Empire > Jerico > Federation

Please note, the tree’s should be overly complexed, i see now that is the case, and the chains are very long, consider lowering the amount of jumps by increasing the levels on them.

So instead of

1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>9>10 with max of level 5, so

1>2>3>4>5 with a max of level 10

Chains should have more then 20-25 jumps. and should be ideally around 15 Though this depends on how you are going to deal with exp usage.

I think skill tree rework should make it looks like a build plan…

So it will be up to the player to decide where to spend the exp points…

Obviuosly it should be impossible to go for full skills in the tree :wink:

I think it shouldent be possible to max more then 1 weapon tree, 1 defense tree, and the rest of the stuff.

It should cost an insane amount to cap out 1 tree. For example

I should only be able to fully max out plasma weapons, and nothing really else (weapon wise) and really only 1 defense (Like armor, or shield upgrades).

This would make your spec’ing have a massive amount of value.

Also another option is ti add a mechanic to the game that cost the Currency (not credits, but the gold things) To respec.

A new skill tree is in work at the moment and it should be available around the new year.