Sirius - Unique EM weapon

The other empires have unique weapons associated with their T14 destroyers, so why not the Federation?

’Hurricane’ EM suppression cannon

  • Low DPS
  • High rate of fire
  • Fires sequentially (Like coil mortar)
  • Average stats in range, spread, crits, and velocity

Special effect:

Deals bonus damage against targets moving towards you, up to +100% damage on targets moving at 800m/s directly towards the source of the projectile.

800m/s: +100%
400m/s: +50%

200m/s: +25%

This only calculates the rate of change in distance between you and the target. A target moving at 800m/s sideways will take no extra damage. Fleeing targets will not take reduced damage.

I think a chargeable Positron Cannon style em weapon for the Sirius could be fun.