Single player/Story mode

Hello  I don’t know if this has been suggested before, but I did not find it when I looked up for it…


What I’m thinking about is that it would be really nice if we had a single player mode. One ship (player) vs a mission (a concept int he game, AI that has something to do and you have to stop them or something).  Basically a story that follows, and you have to accomplish it someway or another.


Also that it is possible to do it over and over, which gives the player some rewards as well. Like a scenario, but with a single ship.


Don’t know if this would be a nice thing or how hard/long will it take; but having played Free Space 1/2, and many other space-related games that insipre me, I’d be happy give some story ideas if you guys want :slight_smile:


Thank you.

I was just about to post something like this, i want something like that too like a single player scenario, i mean playing with people is fun and all but its nice to just be able to accomplish something on your own and not have to worry about other people. And make it to were you can gain rewards and earn money, level up, etc. Please hear us out it would be an amazing addition to the game.


Thanks aswell,



I don’t know many free to play games , less than 10 i think , and not one have a “full single player story mode” , usually those are in payed games , still i think this would help lot the game itself , especcially cause pvp tende to create bad comments on players with low knoledge of the game or skill or else , that is first of all a lost for all of us, we need more players … also if i see too some imbalances in the game the few experience i had previusly about this make me think is better add even more flesh to the bones of the game befor look at smal adjustments here and there



Whilst I’d love to see more additions to the PvE, an actual single player campaign is probably fairly unlikely.  Even if you have a story to work with, it takes a lot of time, money and effort to put together a playable story mode (go watch extra credits).  The free-to-play model makes it difficult to add story modes as a main feature thanks to the constantly evolving nature of the games and the fact that it doesn’t feed to competitive compulsion to buy better stuff with real money.


Right now I’d settle for more attention to the scenarios (whilst fun to begin with, having only 2 scenarios full of bots with incredibly lazy AI gets kind of dull).  Try to remember that this IS a multiplayer game, and even if they do include a story/campaign mode, I’d much rather it was co-op.

Well since it’s a free game, and knowing that writing a story mode for the game may be expensive, I have some more suggestions relating a single player that actually rewards you with some credit at least.


A. Pirate mode

 1. Solo mission, get waves of pirates and protect your base/nav/broken ship/found unknown technology

B. PVP 1v1 mode

 1. Fight against a %RANDOM PLAYER% that is queuing for the PVP 1v1 mode.

 2. Fight against a %CHOSEN PLAYER%, maybe when the UI is enhanced, you can squad with someone, or send them a 1v1 message to join etc.

C. Discovery mode - [The opposite of Pirate mode!]

 1. You are a lone ship sent to the “deep space” for an expedition to find unknown sources. The only communication is with your base captain.

 2. If you are lucky enough, you’ll find crates or nav points, capturing them can give you %RANDOM ITEM% either junk or a green/purple item

 3. Be careful from unknown source of pirates! If they catch you sneaking into a low security crate, they’ll try to kill you! Show what you are made of pilot if you dare!

 4. Also, have an option to warp/jump back to base! A good escape mechanism

 5. You go with one ship, so if you die once, your mission is a fail. (You lose whatever you capture) OR (You send the technology info to your HQ)

D. Galaxy system

 1. NOTE: I know you guys are planning on making something like this, but here are some ideas for it!

 2. Planet conquer? - Might be good for the “Discovery mode”, a save point to re-start where you left off.

 3. “Rule the Universe” Well why not? This might be a good Single player mode, the story for Star Conflict?

 4. I’m going too far, I won’t ruin the devs’ imaginations and plans for the game x_x


I can come up with more stuff, but I’ll see if these are like-able by other players and the dev team :wink:



It is a multiplayer game, not singleplayer.

Something like a single player mode won’t be added.

Something like a single player mode won’t be added.

Ah alright then, worth giving it a shot though, keep up the good work mate :wink: