Since "Hide Shop" and "Hide other ships" are gone...

… could it be possible to add, on the closed items, indications of what we have in the Warehouse, maybe written in the color of the highest level we have available of that item? It is already written there what is INSTALLED.


Those two options were my most used to sort out what I had available. Right now, I must open all the items to see what I have available in the warehouse, and no way to see if I have one on another ship… unless I close the Equipment and open the Shop/Warehouse… And then come back to the equipment… so much more buggling than how it was before.


And PLEASE, make the mouse cursor stay where it was when an item is clicked to open it in the Equipment. Having it following the + - sign of the item is annoying as hell 0.o 

Good Point, I already started to miss this feature. 

Please implement it again.

I agree !!


I bought ships yesterday and I really missed the hide shop option to equip them faster.

This was said to be a bug and should come back in one of the following patches (the hide other ships thick).