'Shuriken' Missiles [Weapon]

New idea

Name: ‘Shuriken’ Missiles

Type: Primary Weapon

Damage: low Kinetic

RoF: very high

Range: medium

Projectile speed: high

Tracking speed: 15deg/s

Spread: very high

Overheating: fast

Tooltip: A rapid-fire missile system. Each barrel fires in succession, firing small missiles that lazily track the locked target.


In my head it fires much like the “Scatter Gun” except very rapidly, and only one missile at a time instead of all at once. Would sound like the compact coil mortar for command ships, but fire much faster and with a huge spread.

I like it. Make it a fighter weapon pls :3

I was thinking about almost exactly the same idea yesterday - a rapid-fire missile primary weapon, like Gordon’s, but either with very low damage, continuous firing and 10+ secs to overheat, or with 4+ secs, but firing in salvos of 4-6, with higher damage, but with pause after each one, and with 2-4 secs of weapon cooling time - so either suppression or burst weapon.

And yeah, for fighters, they really need some love (I’m not talking about the wolfhound though, as it’s not a fighter, it’s an overgrown interceptor with fighter’s durability).