Show range% and buff count + tactical view

Show range% and how many times you receive a buff with a circle diagramman for a better teamplay


  1. Buff-Count:

The recipant’s symbol should show a number similar to the module icon on the buff-giver.


  1. range%:

It could also show an arrow pointing to the nearest buff-giver as on the map with

*the end-point at the xy coordinate coresponding to the map (or your orientated plane), length highlighted relative to “length - range / buff range” and

*the start-point of that arrow being middle/top/bottom of that picture corresponding to “altitude-difference / buff range” (on your plane).

***** It’s a little compass *****


  1. Pre game tactical view:

If peoples select engineers, you don’t even know if they have hull/shield buffs or only one or none at all. With 15 peoples swapping ships it’s even more difficult.

* It would be nice to show a 2D map of modules which are red/green dependent on whether players picked them on their selected ships - perfect if they have numbers too.


  1. Tactical view ingame:

X3-Reunion has an xy plane on the middle of the map like an a little bit opaque water surface, to ease orientation in 3D space.

But I think it could orignate from a command ship’s altitude and show it’s buff range and show the command’s tactical value (it is a COMMAND ship after all).

* The engineers could have similar “repair zones” which merge from blue+yellow into green.

* The buff zone could show shields, the repair zone repair-symbols in an alternating pattern either green, blue or yellow.


* This even allows one hull-team and one shield-team if you can ignore a buff type (hull/shield) or gives the oportunity to have 2 different commands/engineers because you KNOW and SEE the effects.

* And if you are USED to THINK about buff availability, you do it more for all other classes of ships.


NOTE1: This is intended for random games with random peoples.

NOTE2: I know #4 requires an extra rendering step and it’s difficult, but if the hype is big enough they may consider it.

Added for review.