"Show ping" HUD option

There should be an option in your HUD settings to show players’ ping while in battle. I know that there’s already lots of info around them, but I’m the kinda person that enjoys a cluttered screen~

Keep in mind: All HUD settings are OPTIONAL, meaning that if you don’t want it, you don’t need to use it. ^^


You mean you want to see others’ ping? lol so you can blow them up? XD

I’m going to blow them up anyways, I just like knowing. Also if people could see others’ ping they couldn’t make ping excuses. Or in my case, be commended for high efficiency at 800-2500 ping. XD

And F11 only shows -your- ping.

This could be used to farm “weaker” players. Therefore it won’t be added.

I’m going to blow them up anyways.

That is the thing what is used to be called ignorance.

If you see someone with High ping and rails you can easily kill him staying close to him with a fast interceptor. Only i see with this option is that people would look for a player with high ping and projectile weapons to go and abuse from that weakness. Theres no bennefit from high ping.