Show phaser bubble range

It is a Command weapon meant for tactical use, but it takes a long time to get used to shooting at a non-object. It would hake it just a tad easier to have the range displayed under the phaser bubbles so you know when to shoot it.

Count the seconds. I have spent hours to practice it. First by shooting into nowhere then in battle and that was the point when I gave up. :fed015:

Not sure what you mean… you can display the range under the target, and the range is the same between the fast shot and the slow one.

The problem is, you can make attacks of 2 different velocities, but the targetting point only shows the faster one… it needs 2 circles.

Obviously above commenter has no idea what I’m saying.

But I do agree about the two circles~

I mean add a distance number under or on the bubbles as they fly to tell how far away they are from you.

I even said so… but anyway…

Sure that would be useful, all they’d have to do was make the bubble an enemy target, then you can also lock onto it, and BOOM powerful large aoe at whatever range you want with no skill required :slight_smile:


I’m just happy they fixed it so it doesn’t nuke the bubble the second you let go of the trigger, like during the event.

Omg yeah. That was awful.

And I -just- ask it to be made in to an object. Not an entity. Your turrets don’t think that the bubbles are interactable so they ignore bubbles, making aiming really really weird. To add range would make it an object and therefore would fix that annoying aiming problem. (At least I think)

Plus, seeing range, you could see what range an enemy was hiding behind something and detonate the bubble right as it got to that range.