Show Monocrystals in the Personal Account

Like the title says. Is not really needed persay but it’s just nice to see how many you have real easy like.

Also I find the workshop interface confusing. Can we have a bigger area to see the middle where we see what things we can craft? Also I want to option where we can view it like a box like in the armory.

Nice tags, Efefay.


But yeah, that’d be super neat. As for the workshop, I’d just like something that tells me what I can craft using thing X. A way to make more than one of something would help, too. And also some sort of separation of materials and parts, so I can see how much I have of everything quicker.

Nice tags, Efefay.

Agree, Efefay how do you know that i like bananas. :o

Good idea - forwarded to Devs