Show Friendly Fire kills

Think this is a good option?


For one, with things like this, nuke spammers and torp spammers will really know how much damage they are doing to their team. Right now, it is all credited as enemy kills, so the people parked at the back don’t know the damage they are doing. I seen a case where idiot torp spammers triple killed their own team on a beacon… with absolutely no enemy there. They were just pounding the beacon to deny it, even when it killed 1/4 of their own team.


This also drives home the point that there IS friendly fire for the newbies who assume there is not.



Also, minus efficiency for friendly fire kills / assists.



Torpedoes CAN be used so, that friendly fire is minimized.

cant agree more

nuke spammers are just damaging their own team and its getting dumb.

i lost about 3 matches so far because some people cant operate ion/nukes/mine fields properly.



just played 4 matches, won 3/4 but every time and i mean EVERY time i got nuked more by friendlies than enemies.

dear players, WEAR GLASSES and THINK.

Speaking on nukes, there should be an indication on screen for the team.  It would allow your team to back out and let it blow.

I got nuked and torpedoed yesterday so many times by friendly fire that i actually started thinkin if the mods shouldn’t have included a special rüber item with wich you could protect your ship’s rear end from friendly fire.


After a given period of time you get used to it… or not. 


That said i think friendly fire should allow the person doing it to get negative impact in his / her income and efficiency. 

I fire nukes, but i warn in teamchat first, and try to go into the middle of the enemy team in stealth. I NEVER fire nukes on beacons becouse of the risk of friendly fire.


I agree 100% that people dunno how to use nukes and the other stuff.


There is a reason it is called a —>>>TACTICAL<<<— Nuke. Its becouse you need to think before you fire it.

That said i prefer missles over nukes…

I’ll take 9 AP missles and 9 Octopus missles anyday. 3K AP+7K THERM=10K missle salvo -resists.


Yes plz :slight_smile:

I suggest:


  1. Make you lose points by friendly fire, something like “Friendly ship destoryed -100”

  2. Have a brief 3 second message on the screen shows who destoryed by who.

  3. Have a medal called “Mischief” for destorying friendly ship.

I’m hesistant to start taking away eff/income from friendly fire; if the only way to notify is chat, you’re still going to end up with those intys who didn’t get the memo and fly straight into it.


This isn’t strictly related, but do primary weapons deal FF? I’ve shot at friendly LRs with my plas guns on occasion (4 on map, would be nice if one respawned different…) but I’ve never done damage, just annoyed them.

primary weapons do not deal FF


a medal for Mischief would be funny, but could also encourage griefing. At the same time, may be good for Corporations to look at it for recruiting.