Show Ally Status of Targeted Ally

Patron Active Defense lets you lock an ally so that when there hull reaches ~10% <— that’s not right but its close, then they are warped to you and spec mod is refreshed.


It would be ideal to show the status of that ally on the HUD on the left like they are in a group with you.


Honestly, I would like this to be a thing for all ships if you want to keep an eye on someone and seeming as how MM queue is normally slower when in a group for PvP then this could help.

Honestly, I’d like to see everyone’s health bars on the side, maybe we could tack on special coloration for squads and locked allies.

yes , its a pain doing a quick 360 to see everyone’s stats 


another thing I would like is a toggle that will show direction of each member so when you do notice someone low on HP you can actually find them