Shop Interface 2.0

Sorry. I should have been more explicit. 


If the ‘proper names’ aren’t implemented. then i can’t sort by module type can i? implement it. 


It makes 0 sense to say ‘this feature is implemented’ right after saying ‘it’s not yet functioning’ and then lock a topic. 




you cannot sort by mod type from the equipment shop. I never use the warehouse to shop. the UI there is terrible because the proper names aren’t implemented. 


Interceptor active modules are all over the place. If I click on ‘tactical’ I can see Saboteur, Recon, and Survival type modules. 


IE: IT WOULD BE NICE IF I COULD SORT BY MODULE TYPE. ideally from both the equipment screen AND the warehouse. 

so the highlighted sections (in the attached) are not what you’re referring to?