Ship Weapons / Modules

Hello everyone,

Tis an honor to speak with those who wish to listen.

For starters why not start with simple things:

  • Fix/change the images on the     bundles for the destroyer pack. Why is there a pic of the “Brave” (R11 Destroyer) on “Rare Destroyer Parts” which is for R8 Destroyer such as the Invincible? May we please have a pic any R8 destroyer instead?

  • We have modules and weapons which are represented as type cards on the bottom of our screens within the hanger. If you look at the weapon slot and then look at your ship many will notice they DO NOT match. Perhaps taking the time to make sprites for these weapons / modules or changing the picture to where they will correspond better. Sure it will take time but isn’t that the idea? Take the time to make a game where everyone will love to play. These minor details can add to a lot in the long run.

  • After manufactured the “A1MA 13” looking at the picture of the module I was thinking I might get an R2D2 type looking module added to my ship shooting lasers. But NO! Its some side arm sticking out of my ship.  : ) Please refund my monocrystals (lolz jk).

  • Also why can most ships color be modified but  some can’t be changed at all? Example the Sai. I wish to change the color. May we please have the option to paint all the ships to our liking?