ship upgrade

if there is something that annoys me is unlocking a new ship and having to start grinding it from lv 1, as tiers go up this become worst that i why i whant to suggest the idea of upgrading ships.

upgrading ship is an option to convert the selected ship into another ship example harpy -----> steel harpy----> hydra and so on while retaining part of the crew expirience, a downgrade should be posible but would be capped by lv.

how it will work?

step 1)we got a harpy and hit the upgrade button

step 2)we paid 3/4 the steel harpy price and harpy is turned into a steel harpy

step 3)we are given 3 options regarding crew training:

a)no crew retraining = cost nothing, crew will start from v 1

b)basic traning = cost ship tier x 30k, retain 75% of crew exp from previous ship

c) advance training = cost gold, retain 100% of crew exp from previous ship

The current system is good, however i recommend adding an upgrade feature to ships, so that you can make them stronger.

Each level should add to base hull/shield/speed/resistance by say 2%. Level 5 and 10 should grant + 1 active/passive mod.

Level 10 should be cap for anyship.