Ship Tree UI idea/feedback

So, here’s an idea for making viewing more seamless and at the same time more efficient.


Currently: From the ship tree window, to see ships of a certain rank, first we have to click on the Rank Information button, and then click what Rank we want to view ships and unlocks for.


Suggestion: Take the button array from the Rank window and place it in on top of the number line at the top of the Ship Tree window. On click, the ship tree will pan (specifically panning, like on smartphones and stuff. Not just an instant hop, it doesn’t look as cool) to show the three columns belonging to the ship tree. I made an example of what I think it could look like.


However, what to do with the unlocked skill…add it to the bottom of the ship tree…? Or put it next to/under the number line? Then again, they are all combined in another window in the UI. That’s a bit redundant.


Why: It takes one less click out of the process. Also, it utilizes an organization style for the ships that a user is already familiar with, rather than having two methods of organization.