Ship-scales (suggestion)

Hey all.

I was asking myself about something… That actually better fits to the “Visual” topics, so here I am. Many times i have seen some design pictures of SC-Ships, and was wondering how less those scales were exact. That’s actually my own point of view, but i’m not sure about a frigate being only 2 times longer than a fighter… And that also applying to destroyers (AS WELL as dreadnoughts…)

So i’m proposing that:

1# fighters and intercepters shall be designed far more smaller (2 times smaller maybe ?)

2# frigates only a bit smaller (frigates are supposed to be far more bigger than fighters, so one of the old trailers is also suggesting that)

3# destroyers a bit more longer

4# dreadnoughts DEFINITELY bigger (well, those are actually dreadnoughts, so WHY are the only a bit more longer than the Raider-Cruiser in some PVE-missions ? That makes no sense, they are supposed to be fearsome Mass-Destruction-battleships ! And yes, i think that they are still too small for that)


Those are only visual details, and of course the weapons accuracy of frigates and destroyers shall be increased to compensate for the smaller fighters, and so dreadnoughts will need far more defense-turrets, but I think such an update on scale and visuals could add a bit more realism to the game…

Waiting for your own answers about that proposal…

A smaller fed inty. Yeah… i can’t hit the current ones and you ask for smaller intys… ![:006:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006.png “:006:”)

More weapon accuracy will benefit only those with good aim.

This is a fictional universe. There is no “good”  scale. 

Also it would need so much work for nothing. 

The ships should be seen in space, I mean visualy. There’s alreagy a big differense between destriyers and interceptors, but the “realistic scale” should no bother gameplay