Ship/Race Changes, and additions.

here is some reworks (suggested) for the game. It will be in the area of reworking mechanics of ships, including their abilities, their specs, and mod related content will be finished in another post.

Racial abilities

Ship abilities are now removed from the game. Taking their spot will be a universal Racial ability. This ability will change slightly based on the type of ship.


Special Ability:


Warps the ship 7,500km

30 second cool down

Interceptor : No Charge up time.

Fighter : Travel distance increased to 10k

Frigate : After exiting Hyperspace, restoration cool downs are reduced by 25%.

Gunboat: Travel distance decreased to 5k, cool down reduced to 8 seconds.

HAC: After Exiting hyperspace weapons spread decreased 15% (30% More accurate) and project speed increased 10%.


Special Ability:


Cloaks the ship for up to 90 seconds, or until the ability is reactivated.

Cool down 45 seconds,

Interceptor : When cloaked, movement speed is increased 30%.

Fighter : After decloaking Decloaking 5% Critical strike for 10 seconds.

Frigate : Decloaking causes enemies in 5000m not to be able to fire weapons or missiles for 10 seconds

Gunboat: after decloaking attack speed is increased by 30% for 10 seconds

HAC: after decloaking, weapons damage is increased by 15% and critical strike by 10% for 5 seconds.


Special Ability:

Regenerative shielding.

Regenerates Sheilds 40% faster for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 seconds

Interceptor : While regenerating, movement speed increased 35%.

Fighter : When regenerating, your attack speed is increased by 15% and critical strike by 5%.

Frigate : After the shield buff experiences, your shield explodes dealing damage equal 50% of your shield amount as thermal to all enemies in 3500m

Gunboat: While regenerating, energy does not deplete.

HAC: While regenerating, all resistance increased by 250.

Size And Mechanical Rework


Size: 50t

Base Speed 450ms

Max Turn Rate: 40** ° per second**

​Total Rotation Time: 9/s

Base Energy: 150

Base Armor: 1500 (T1) Upgrade Per Teir (10%)

Base Shield: 1500

Base Resistance: 0


Size: 100t

Base Speed 350ms

Base Energy: 200

Max Turn Rate: 40** ° per second**

​Total Rotation Time: 9/s

Base Armor: 5500

Base Shield: 5500

Base Resistance: (All) 5


Size: 250t

Base Speed 225ms

Max Turn Rate: 30** ° per second**

​Total Rotation Time: 12/s

Base Energy: 350

Base Armor: 9500

Base Shield: 9500

Base Resistance: (All) 15


Size: 350t

Base Speed 180 ms

Max Turn Rate: 20** ° per second**

Total Rotation Time: 18/s

Base Energy: 650

Base Armor: 11500

Base Shield: 11500

Base Resistance: (All) 15

Heavy Assult Cruiser

Size: 750t

Base Speed 135ms

Base Energy: 350

Max Turn Rate: 15** ° per second**

​Total Rotation Time: 24s

Base Armor: 22500

Base Shield: 22500

Base Resistance: (All) 15

Note H.A.C’s are ment to have low energy and energy regen, this is intentional because they have superior tank, and firepower, and moderate mobility

Note: Gunships are ment to be slightly larger and tanker then a frigates, with slightly slower turn rates, and near movement speeds


Interceptor: A scout: Plays the role of finding and tackling enemies, using Electronic warfare on them, and running a muck behind their lines

Fighter: hit and run: plays the role of taking out attacks behind the lines.

Frigate: Foundation of the fleet, the general combat vessel should be well rounded in all aspects of combat, and should fear hacs and be worried / or / threatened by gunboats.

Gunboat: Plays as a patrol ship, excellent for defense. excels with frigates as patrol groups taking out small numbers of enemies.

HAC: Heavy combat vessel. excels in combat with larger numbers. can tank and fight 3 vs 1.

Racial Tactics

Empire : well rounded on offense/defense. highly response time of all three races.

Federation : Heavy offense, Excels at ambush tactics.

Jerico : Combat kings, Excels at brute attacks. Aka Blobbing.


Faction Differences

From this point of the above changes, faction ships should differ in slots, and stats. for example

warden ships are slower then legion, but more tanky

legion ships are faster then warden, more less tanky

Addition changes to help support Inteceptors and support ships as being a more support role, instead of a damage dealer is.

Add an active mod that uses energy (something near afterburner rate) that scans for players (can detect them in 15,000m).

Add a mechanic to matches, detecting enemies now grants participation/activity points.

Add a mechanic that causes healing to generate points equal to the amount healed.

reduce interceptor damage. should be around enuff to fight off a fighter if the pilot is skilled. This will cause ceptors to be more of a support role.

Give ceptors participation points for using Electronic warfare mods. (make this ceptor only)

this will cause them to be a faster scouting support class, rather then another type of fighter/damage craft. this will also add another aspect of play-style to the game.

That’s a nice and detailed work out. I hope it will be possible to use some things from this post.