Ship Movement Suggestion

I’m not sure if this goes in Control Section.




I have heard some discussion about unlimited max speed in open space to make it more realistic. I think that is pure dumb. 


Being extremely realistic you could have unlimited speed but going a fraction of the speed of light even little particles like a tiny pebble could do some serious damage. 


Here is what i propose. Have unlimited max speed on all ships. but if you go faster than a certain point your ship starts getting damage. Bigger ships, like a frigate, would have a lower certain point than smaller ships, like an interceptor. Bigger ships have more area to get hit by tiny particles moving at a significant fraction of LS(light speed) and therefore easier to get damaged. Perhaps around 700, which is already the speed limit, interceptors could go faster but then they start getting damaged. The more you go above that certain point the more you get damaged.


Ships shouldn’t slow down automatically like the do now but keep going at the same speed following physics. To slow down you press “S”. Also following physics if you rotate your ship it shouldn’t turn the vector. it would just rotate the ship but keep going along the same path. Then to move forward once you rotated the ship you would press “W”. You would still have the starting velocity though. You could pull of some really complex and cool maneuvers with ship movement like that. 


Put it in open space for more realistic ship control. 


This is bound to get a lot of hate but oh well.  :dntknw:




The ship speed is capped at 700 due to technical limitations. Everything above will most likely cause bugs.