Ship, module and weapon transitions.

Item Transitions

I just started playing yesterday so don’t really know all the ins and outs yet but what i have stumbled upon is the difficulty of transferring items to new ships.

As of now you basically have 3 classes with their respective size S / M / L items but not all items are linked to this so its almost impossible to know if an item is on a ship you are using or on a previous ship you used to use. (For example the IR Flare can be used on both fighter and frigate)

All you see in the list is a ship icon and the notification of the item being used on another ship.

Ive thought of 3 ways this hassle could be solved.


  1. Create a new window with compact info with all your ships and modules so it becomes easy to identify what is where and possible simply use a drag and drop system to transfer stuff.

  2. Add the ability to give a ship a personal name that will show up next to the “item in use on other ship” notification.

  3. Add the ability to completely strip a ship of all items so everything becomes available for reuse.


Ship Transitions

Playing around a bit with the T1 ships felt more or less like a simple arcade shooter without to much hassle and slightly boring which i guess is necessary to get people going but i made the mistake of jumping to a T2 ship without having enough cash to really buy anything for it.

At first i thought damn oh well lets use the T1 a bit more to build up the T2 in the process but when joining matches you all of a sudden get hooked up with T2 and even T3 players en the whole game changes drastically.

You could say its a nice pitfall to FORCE people to spend cash with micro transactions to get anywhere but i think this part is going to hurt the player base very badly.

First of all people who are just looking into the game hit the brick wall and will say the game has a “pay to win” concept despite the obvious attempt to make sure it isn’t. You’ll get some cash from it sure but you’ll likely loose way more players then necessary which in turn will hurt in the long run.

Then to top it off the higher level players get hooked up with us newbies who made the mistake of buying T2 before they should and start getting pissed at how useless we are which will result in the closed squad/clan games separating the global community from the real gaming.

Its ok to having this kind of transition at higher tiers when people are used to the game as it is but the transition from T1-T2 will be a game killer.


This seems to be a difficult one to fix but here are a few idea’s .

  1. Increase ship cost relative to items to move the threshold from gear to the hull instead.

  2. Give players a loud and clear warning that the action of buying the new tier ship will put them in a new league of game play so they have the chance to decline.

  3. Use the experience level of the player in conjunction with the tier level of their ship to determine matchmaking.

Highly in favor of points 1 and 3 in Item Transitions.