Ship lights?

I remember before the ships had lens flares from the lights on the ships, which was a really good detail to it.


Basically I am asking if it can be fixed/or added back, whichever is the case.


Example is this inquisitor screenshot from a while back. You can see the lights on each side sort of blarring at you. I have lens flare on in the graphics settings as well. I tried a few different settings to see if it was a setting off, but it wasn’t.


The feature you’re talking about is referred as "Bloom". And yes I would like it back as well.

Na, bloom an adaptive camo are not good friends.

Na, bloom an adaptive camo are not good friends.




Coil Mortar Battle.  :fed_cool:

If it is laggy for your client, then why not have it off by default, but have an option to turn it on.

Bloom hurts mah eye,i think the graphic is fine for now.

Lens flare hurts my graphics card. And I’m running at 25FPS max. I want an option between burning my eye sockets out or melting my graphics card.

I’ve had lens flare off since it was created.  My cpu integrated graphics said no.


They also said no to the new map.  :01414: