Ship Customisation

I would like to see a few new things added to the customisation menu.


First of all: new colours!

Players generally like to customize their ships in a million different ways and having such a limited and dull selection of possible colours severely limits that.

There needs to be a wider selection of metallic reds, dark purples, gunmetal grey, steel blue and so on! The Karud’s base colours for example look excellent. Why not allow them to be used by other ships?


Second: Stickers!

The ‘factions’ tab is still lacking ‘ellydium’ areography. Just add the green faction icon to it. Also, I remember that there were ‘glowing’ stickers in the past, what happened to them?

In general: make more areography, not just event based stuff. Add the new icons of the numerous subfactions to the ‘factions’ tab!


Please give feedback! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


They should let use use stickers like sprays in games like TF2. Just have a little sectioned off hard drive to store our images and let us upload any small image to plaster on our ships. (within moderation ofc like if someone uploaded a d*** it would be easy to get taken down etc.)


I would also LOVE to see more metallic colors and other textures. Metallic black. Metallic orange. Metallic green. Metallic red.

Take color samples for the metallic black and orange from the Halloween skin please.

And I would die for a genuine metallic gold foil paint.

I’d also like it if they introduced another way to obtain the “Invasion” paint again. 


Some other ideas would to let players choose if the ship has a camo pattern or a regular one, cause there’s some ships that have camo that would look better if they were default (i.e. Black Dragon has default, Naga has camo, I’d like default choice on Naga). Also would like to see some paints with “lively” aspects to them, like the Invasion paint.