Ship costs...

Let’s discuss ships and money.


It’s been a topic that I’ve had a look at from a couple of outlooks. From my own personal perspective, each ship has its strengths and weaknesses and each ship, going along the line, will have the advantage over every other ship. For example, an ECM will not survive against a good gunship pilot and a good Command pilot will not do as well on the offensive as a good Tackler. Likewise, a Long Ranger will not survive a Covert Ops and a Guard or Engineer will not survive a good Gunship or good ECM.


It’s pretty well established that Guards are super-beefy ships with masses of hull and shield strength. It’s pretty well viewed that Covert Ops and Long Rangers are weak on hull strength and are only good for taking out big fish and ECM’s. This is a universal fact… Obviously by my bible, maybe not by yours, depending on your view. This armoury is also pretty damn strong with the Frigates… Low level coil mortars can cause a spectacular amount of damage more than a high level railgun can of the same tier and have a much bigger spread, too.


So the first question is… If the ships are weaker and do less damage, why are they as expensive as frigates that are much more durable and have a stronger arsenal? I understand that these modules are specialised as well, also understandably, these modules are more expensive than the multipurpose modules. But that’s the lookout of the type of ship that is being bought…


Question number two. Will this balance the game out or take the challenge and, thus, the fun away from the game? Getting to Rank 15 is a massive undertaking that’s got to be done conceivably as an almost campaign-like, money saving, synergy farming task. To spare everyone going about just flying interceptors, it would make more sense, in this case of the debate, to ask if raising the amount of synergy required on an interceptor level-up would be needed?


Final question is, is all of this fair? Does it even make sense or am I rambling…? I’m used to talking to myself a lot, sometimes I type so much I contradict myself. I’m not mad though, don’t worry. Just my perspective, I’m imagining…


Let the discussion begin!

All classes have weak and strong points. Frigates are indeed beefy but slow and sturdy. When faster and agile ship go under its “belly”, their weapon wont do anything. Interceptors have their speed and rotate as their defence, fighters have camos, speed boosts and shields to mitigate damage and greater firepower. Classes are balanced between each other mostly, all depend on pilot.

Coil mortars seem OP because most people forget to cover the kinetic hole in their hull (or in T2 they just CAN’T because of the lacks of modifier slots)


In higher tiers, coil mortars are more of an annoyance than a good weapon.


Concerning the prices, any ship of the same rank is equally good. You just have to play them with their strenghts. So no, I don’t think you have to increase or reduce the price of certain classes in the same rank.

You don’t need to go rank 15 to have fun. You may want to rush it to unlock contracts / crews, but that can be done by focusing on a ship line.


The ships have the same cost for economy balancing purpose. If interceptors / fighters were cheap, nobody would fly frigates when starting the game.

What small ships lose in raw strenght, they gain in mobility. And in Star Conflict, mobility directly translate into survivability. Add to that the passive reduction in explosion damages of interceptors (and increase for frigates), and you have something that is closed to balanced. Sure, a shot taken from desintegrator will OS your cov ops. But with enough awareness, you will never get hit by a desintegrator in cov ops. Guard can’t escape it :smiley:


Don’t look at T2 to get an idea of balance in the game. It changes in each tier due to implants / modules available.

Each ship has its advantages and disadvantages, therefore there is no need to make a ship cheaper only because it is smaller.

But with enough awareness, you will never get hit by a desintegrator in cov ops. Guard can’t escape it :smiley:


Hi, actually with the speed shot modules of desintegrator you sure can’t dodge the desintegrator with a guard, but without, i easy dodge the shot with just changing my directions in last moments, when the ennemy is at 8000m or more. (Implant for speed move (left/right/up/down))

The reason ships are the same price per rank also makes sure that you don’t end up with bunches of only interceptors because they are “cheaper”.



Obviously what I’m suggesting is that they are made harder to level, because they are already so popular… Obviously turning this over for frigates where they take the same (or similar) amount of time to be able to afford the next part as it would to level an interceptor.