Ship colors : Weapons and Modules



So, seems like devs wants guns and modules to have a visual difference when you upgrade them. 

BUT, this leads to ugly things (Like orange guns  ![:018:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/018.gif “:018:”)).

So I suggest to add a 4th field of colors on ships, this time used to change the guns and mods color !



This one wouldn’t be modified by scheme (so changing your color scheme won’t change your guns color). And the default color is equals to what the current mk color is.

But then, if you change the color, guns and mods colors stays the same even if you upgrade them.



They’ll cost and work like other paintjobs.

Please, please make weapon colours bearable again, dear God.



Things start to look like something from a cartoon or comic book. And reminds me of the colors of No Man’s Sky. Not matching current skins at all. 

Edit: Also, coil mortar should have a more robust design. The new one looks good but should be used for something else. And, a few weaps, like the eclipse launcher and phase suppressor, have the same Ion Emitter look. And the Heavy blaster just don’t look heavy.

Purple singularity cannon.


so orange

Orange singularity cannon is surprisingly red. Which is okay. Not the best, but okay. Purple singularity cannon is bright orange. Not the best fit on most ships.

WAIT WHAT? I have never noticed this, maybe because all my weapons are purple already. When was this put in place?

12 minutes ago, millanbel said:

WAIT WHAT? I have never noticed this, maybe because all my weapons are purple already. When was this put in place?

Actually, since this update.

There have always been a model variation when you upgrade your guns. But with this updates, they added new guns models (coil mortal, singularity, pulse laser, and many others). And instead of a new model with upgrades, it changes of color. And you get new models on higher rank guns.


But now, for example, mk1 singularity is purple. Mk2 is white. Mk3 is in between green and yellow (like piss). And mk4 is Orange.

Why not white/~green/blue/purple/orange for mk1/mk2/mk3/mk4/mk5 you’ll tell me ? I have no freaking idea. But maybe they thought color like this were a good idea.





Seriously, the only thing I see on my ship now are 4 big orange dots.

Said this before in another thread for another visual thing but with these weapons, it kind of became clear that this patch needs some sirius visual changes in all the “new stuff”.

Singularity Cannon looks like an antique.

Coil Mortar design isn’t rational since it looks like some sort of electro magnetic weapon and to be honest I can’t understand how they work as mortars with such a tiny and misshaped(?) barrell.


Even only the colors themselves are awful enough to cause temporary blindness and nausea. ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)