Ship behind asteroid - Suggestions for HUD, crosshair .

Hello Great news at April 1st. Thanks !!


I have an other suggestion   :)wt


If the enemy go behind asteroid … a big color change in the crosshair  would  be good.


If the enemy is behind asteroid maybe… a change to a blue color in crosshair?

This will show most noticeable change in HUD. If the enemy is behind of asteroid


At the moment the change in the crosshair is very small. If you play in Laptop or Notebook  ;)wt


I hope you can understand me.

Yeah you do have a point, but they will change the HUD soon, its in the works.

Maybe even the lock-on looses signal and you have to target a new enemy? Besides it would help if you hide behind asteroids to line up a sneak attack without a person putting on a troll face and follows you because he locked onto you and he lost sight but the lock on stayed on…


Sight is shared across the whole team, therefore if someone trully hides, then lock gets droped as well.