Shield and Hull Strength - NEW

the current system of damage reduction in the game is very bland, and across the board. it also does not allow the game to be diversified, and in general this results in problems with balancing, the only draw back to mass diversity when it comes to modules or math for example, is that it is a long of work to manage, tweak, and generally change. this being sad, a good game is a happy balance between the two.


this change is very dramatic, it will vastly effect the games survivability, but it will also make the game insanely unique, and allow the races to become amazing in their uniqueness.


How it will work.


each race will be unique in the aspect of strength to its defenses. further, each defense will have a strength and weakness to specific other technologies. some weapons will for example, now apply secondary effects to targets. if planned and implemented well, it will result in lots of different effects in pvp making the game realistic, the races unique, and the game very challenging.


Getting down to business

Armor and shields will get an amount assigned to them called strength (Armor strength, or shield Strength).

This value will be stronger on larger ships, meaning they will take less damage.



Interceptors 1.10

Attack ships 0.75

Frigate 0.65



interceptor 1.15

Attack ship 0.85

frigate 0.75


So if i take 1 point of damage, then 1 point of damage is equal to 

1.10 damage on an interceptor Or 110% damage

0.65 damage on a frigate, or 65% of damage


This will enable us to adjust the tanking properties of each ship accordingly, to balance the mechanics.



Lastly, The values of regeneration on jericho will be increased 65%. but the raw power of the shield will decrease by 35%. Federation on the other hand will have higher shield power, but lower shield regen.

Lastly, jericho will have slightly stronger shield strength. looking something like



Interceptor 2250 shields 219 regen/s 1.05 strength

Attack ship 5500 shields 273 regen/s 0.80 strength

frigate 8500 shields 326 regen/s 0.70 strength



interceptor 3500 shields 45 regen/s 1.10 strength

attack ship 6550 shields 53 regen/s 0.85 strength

frigate 1150 shields 73 regen/s 0.75 strength



Empire here will be unique, as a unique type of tank. It will lose its shielding, and will gain armor to replace it.

its stats will be as follows (or something like it)



Interceptor 3750 armor 0.95 strength

attack ship 7250 armor 0.70 strength

frigate 12500 armor 0.55 strength

Next, Each race will have weapons technologies (Through effects) done via weapons modifiers. These technologies are faction specific, and can only be fitted on faction specific ships.


for example, a new weapon will be something like which as follows



Jericho - Tech

Weapon modifier -  damages hull for 15% of damage done to an enemy with shields below 35%


Empire - Warden 

Weapon modifier - 15% of damage done to armor, burns the hull for additional damage over 3 seconds. Reduces rate of fire by 10%.


this is just the start of the idea and can be expanded upon.

The math behind the plan


Lets assume i have an assault plasma, typically for me they do 400 damage on optimal source (Em) and 250 damage on non-optimal (Kenetic).


so on an

interceptor it will deal 440 damage (will take 15-17 consecutive hits for a kill) 5 seconds constant fire

attack ship it will deal 340 (will take 34-37 consecutive hits for a kill)11  seconds constant fire

on a frigate (armor) it will deal 220 (will take 79-81 consecutive hits for a kill) 26  seconds constant fire

on a frigate (shield) it will deal 240 (will take 73-76 consecutive hits for a kill)  23  seconds constant fire




Lets assume that i have heavy plasma equip’d, typically on optimal i get 1300 and non 900


On an

Interceptor - 1430 (will take 4-6 consecutive hits for a kill) 3  seconds constant fire

attack ship - 1105 (will take 12-15 consecutive hits for a kill) 5 seconds constant fire

frigate (armor) 885 (will take 19-23 consecutive hits for a kill) 12  seconds constant fire

frigate (shield) 940 (will take 18-21 consecutive hits for a kill) 11 seconds constant fire

Why would shields have a different strength on a different ship? It´s some electic field. As long as shields don´t consume energy there is no reason to give them different values, i think.


However, i see a logic on the armor part, since i guess a frig would have a much better/thicker armor than an interceptor.


Personally i think too many changes offer much more potential to imbalanced ships. Sure, more diversity is nice but very hard to implement.


I think your Jericho stats don´t fit Jericho F spells. They have eg. the damage resist spell, this does however not fit the “non tanky” stats you made up.


btw, i think you made a typo @ Feds: frigate 1150 shields 73 regen/s 0.75 strength ← guess you meant 11500 shields, right?



Why you want to change about every aspect of the game anyway? I mean, some are decent but mostly they just change something into something else and that´s about it. Making it more complex is a good idea but c´mon, even EVE didn´t do everything over night, it´s a rather slow process that needs to be carefully tested and adjusted. I bet if they would, just for fun, implement all your suggestions, we would have a totally different game and, tbh, total chaos :wink:


And tbh, i think there are enough possibilities to personalise your ship and playstyle the way you want it.




I dont get your suggestions this time, we already have the survival like you suggested. Also the dmg reduction you talk about is also ingame. Every ship has it own resistances and they vary for the races and also for the ship variants. All other stats are dealth with the raw amount of Hull and/or Shields.