Shark Volley [Weapon]

Name: Shark Volley

Type: Secondary Weapon for ship “Shark”

Ranks: 6

Damage: 9,000 (1,000 per missile)

Recharge: 7 seconds

Charges in cartridge: 5

Cartridge reload time: 90 seconds

Maximum range: 7,250m

Missiles per volley: 9

Volley interval: 0.2 seconds

Volley spread: 45°

Effected targets: only the locked target.

Tooltip: Uses the on-hull missile battery to take down fleeing enemies with a relentlessly fast volley of small guided missiles.

8 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Maximum range: 9,250m

U wot m8

What is that?Some kind of Em Torpedo-Firestorm on top of a AG? 3op5me

0/10- “We need to build a wall” -Donald.J.Trump

Given that this was just an idea that popped in to my head mid-game I think I need to elaborate about its function more…