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Sharing Energy, Shield and Hull Points Active Module for Engineers (Non Alien Only).


The idea is like the line that attaches to a ship like the ecm energy drain module.


An engineer attaches to one ship and transfers Energy, Shield and hull points to the ship it’s attached to until those things are depleted. You can literally kill yourself using this too so you would have to detach or run out of energy before you do kill yourself.


  • Press again to detach.
  • Automatic detachment when you run out of energy.
  • Cooldown is immediate since it relies on having all 3 energy, shield and hull.
  • Transfer rate would be dependant on the ship it is attached to for example destroyer would get 1.5x of the base values


Any other specifics are up to you.


I cannot stress enough that this module is NOT for alien ships.




Oh also, I think that maybe slowing the ship down that you attached to might be a good idea too because we don’t want ceptors flying around with Frigate shield and hull without taking something in return.


F that noise ^^


If a frigate was slowing me in my captor I would be highly angered.


Like I said, the specifics are up to you. Like the transfer rate, etc…