Set an option to receive or block corporation invites!



I want to be clear and simple!


Some people are spamming corporation invites to people without a corporation.

I am urgently requesting an option to block or prevent such invites from being sent, if I desire to do so!


Saying “NO!” apparently doesn’t help!

Ignore list with the sender’s name is not exactly a resourceful option to avoid this issue.


It’s time to have an option to check or uncheck - ‘Accept corporation invites’.





Since there is no “I don’t care” button, voted No.

4 hours ago, xKostyan said:

Since there is no “I don’t care” button, voted No.


Well, corporations at this point are trying to get active players…More or less everyone here knows the game is underpopulated and while the attempt to have active players in teams [corps] helps the game, can be quite annoying for the player that wishes to stay solo. Given that its a matter of choice and in a way privacy I have voted yes !