Server ports?

I’ve been wanting to play this game for awhile now, but I can’t.


I keep getting the “network error” when I try to log into the game, even while it states “server: online”

Last time I asked about it, it got blamed on the ports that have to be opened in order for the game to play.


War Thunder, also from Gaijin, works brilliantly without these ports opened to whatever virus, hacker, or anything else that’d like to come in.

So i’m asking you, why can’t Star Conflict work without these ports?


Opening ports can hardly be considered a temporarily fix, since it seriously compromises general security of a computer/router. And yes, we’ve had some hacker scanning our router before for open ports, the mailbox got spammed with the warnings.


So why after 6 months wait is this still not fixed? I have encountered no other modern game that asks to do such an irresponsible thing, or anything involved with ports, hardly an automatic firewall exception. And yes, I’m sure it’s not the firewall, I put it on “learn mode” when first booting up the game so it learns whatever is needed for that application to run.


Devs, you’re really missing out on A LOT of players here, players which you need. When a person tries out a game and gets this sort of error, the usualy reaction of someone who just is looking for a game to try: “Yep, so this didn’t work, let’s try another game *uninstalls Star-Conflict*”


So devs: no need for more fancy ships, fixing the connection issue should be priority Nr°1.


it seems that this is a bug caused by your connection.

Could you please make a detailed bug report in the bug report section?
Furthermore please try to download the non-steam client from our website, this issue mostly appears in connection to steam.

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20286-connection-issues/)