Server issues and Valentines day

As we all know, there are server problems, which make the game hard to play. This is annoying, but the sad thing is, that we have Valentine’s day and we get x3 synergy, -50% on all T4-T5 ships and so on.

But we can’t really use them, as we have the already mentioned server issues. 

So my idea is it to repeat the event, with the same benefits, when the servers are working again. (And maybe a 24hr license, just sayin).

So tell me what you think.

I am more than certain that the event should be repeated as the server issues as you have stated make the sales and bonuses usless if you can’t even connect to a battle.

2500 people online, I get booted off in the middle of the match and when I try to reload there is “server overload que of 200 ppl”.

No wonder they do not want to advertise and get more player base and making us suffer. All that gs income is going to the pockets and not investment into new servers.

Although more players => more income …

Hello and thank you for your suggestion.

There are event every weekend so no worries.
Please make detailled reports on the bug report section and mention the time when the lag occured (including time zone), your region and attach the game logs.