Seriously, i found the trolling sentry of the year :D

Hello :slight_smile:


When i play with sentries on a tackler… :

I’m happy to become a criminal when my sentrie kill a police member in open space 8D (targeting aliens, touching police)

I’m also happy to be killed by my own sentry in pvp/pve 8DD (targeting ennemies, touching me)


Joke aside, it can be annoying ^^

Agreed. No idea why it damages you on purpose. Xp

Though what’s fun is using an ECM to turn drones against their user and killing him. XD He can’t escape his own weapon!’

er… I wanted to make a joke about that and i forgot to ask to remove the friendly fire from sentries ^^"

So i ask it: Can you remove the friendly fire from sentries? :slight_smile: