Separate Sector Conquest factions in matches

At the moment I don’t feel like my faction is succeeding as a team at all. If I play well in a match and my team does well, I’m just as likely to be helping the enemy as helping my own faction, and by stomping the enemy I’m just as likely to be hurting my own faction as hurting the others.

As a suggestion, don’t allow people who queue up for Sector Conquest to be teamed with players who queued up for Sector Conquest for another faction. However allow players who queued up for Arcade to be on anyone’s team. Then I can actually get a sense that I’m succeeding as a team of a faction rather than just as an individual. It would also make sense not to pit teams of the same Sector Conquest faction against each other.


The trade-off of course would be longer match making times and lower quality matchmaking because the matchmaker has less options available. This could essentially be presented to the player as a choice by tracking the estimated matchmaking times of each faction and Arcade separately, then if the player decides the extra matchup time for Sector Conquest is unacceptable they can queue for Arcade instead to get quicker games.

There is a risk that this could cause underpopulated factions to become even less populated because the number of players queueing for Sector Conquest would be low, leading even fewer players to queue for Sector Conquest for that faction, in a vicious circle. But hopefully the players who don’t care enough about Sector Conquest to take longer queue times would provide enough of a pool to oil the gears and keep things going.

There will be some changes according to this in the future.