Sensor block by objects; Shooting blocked by own ship (explanation why)

I think it could be good, if objects like asteroids or other bigger static objects, could hide ships from even the sensor, so that ships which are shown grey at the moment on the hud are invisible.

This would make sneaky ambushs available, beside the cloaking what is actually in the game.

When you get chased by an enemy you could fly into a larger broken asteroid, to stop your ship behind a jag in the hope that the hostile will pass trough it in full speed, so that you can hide more to recover or to hunt the hunter from the rear.


Actually you can shoot trough your ship, what looks a bit strange and which makes impossible shooting available from the angle you may fire sometimes.

Its prolly a good idea to deactivate the weapons which would hit also the own ship, so that only the full firepower is possible if you got the right angels of your cannons.


Both and espacially, the idea with the turrets would raise the combat to a bit higher level, you need more to master your ship, because rolling and the play with the throttle gets more important.

But i dont know if it could be a nerf to the frigate, because they move much slower.

Nice ideas, both.