Selectable Targeting Reticule

Could we have a section in the options for different selectable aiming reticules. It’s sometimes rather hard to see what I’m aiming at because of all the plasma and explosions, as the the reticule is thin, white, and static.


Being able to change the color of it or even (preferably) a spinning reticule would be nice.

Seconding this notion. The white reticule gets hidden very easily with all the action going around.


I myself would like to experiment with a green reticule, but it would be cool if we could choose any color we want that’s within RGB values instead of only having X amount of swatches

I don’t have a problem with the design, but I would like to be able to change the colours of the reticle.


Actually, make that the entire HUD.

Absolutely.  Bump.


The current reticle is poorly thought out, and easily lost in combat.


Agree, very easy to lose track of the white targeting reticle. I came to the forum just to post about this. Green please and something easier to see in the middle of explosions and chaos please…