**Hi guys,
This is what i I’ve seen as problems who can be corrected and who can add a lot of comfort for any players of any levels into this game into 2020.
I am honestly very surprised that was not already done.

  • It will be cool to made the SEED CHIPS exchangeable with players and to sell them on the market

  • This TAX is ridiculous and stay way too much time. This is the only game i know, who tax so much, for a so long time.
    It will be cool to DOUBLE the amount AT MINIMUM

  • Quest in open space are simply (when you need to kill 1 specific AI) a pain in the xxxx.
    IF the other AI do not kill the AI you need, IF a player do not kill him first = always the same result : Wait in line.
    Seriously just multiply the AI quest on the map by 10 and we will never wait sometimes 10 minutes for nothing again.
    OR divide the re-spawn time by 2.

  • The email system need to evolve, it’s like using telegraph when we have optic fiber. This is obsolete.

  1. Send something to someone WITHOUT paying anything, some people have friends and do not want to SELL them stuff but just SEND them.
  2. STACKS! Enough with your 1 by 1  this is not a 1980 video game, at minimum let us choose the amount we want to send.
  3. NO PRICE - NO TAX for Gift obviously. Let us choose if it is a SALE or a GIFT.
    Email systems are used this way for the last 25 years in any video game, perhaps it will be time.
    Even Warcraft 1 was having a better system at start, who do not punish players.
  • EVENT reputation
    Add a way to stop the chat to be flooded by reputation. 
    Perhaps into option a way to uncheck : reputation on chat, this way we avoid to be flooded at each kill.

And honestly everything else as becoming SUPER cool, well done.**



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I agree with this too much