Seed-Chips Effects / "Calculating Is Not Fun"




        Seed-Chips were a brilliant addition to the game and made the uniqueness of every single ship goes beyond the basic limited modifications and worthy to spend more time in _’_Open Space’ and ‘PvE’ battles. it is a new whole level of singularity.


But, a serious provoking ‘forgotten’ or ‘intended not to be written’ programming lines in this upgrade were appreciated if they were just added to make things easier and clearer.

"Seed-Chips Effects" are all presented as percentage numbers, every each one on its own details screen only.

I wonder why you dear developers didn’t match the effects of seed-chips to the [weapons - modules - ship survivability, parameter changes] screens…!!

It was quite enough for making it just shown as the ‘CTRL’ button pressed according to the [weapons and active modules], while the effects on the [shield strength, shield resistance, and shield regeneration speed] could be shown on the [parameter changes] or in the [survivability] section of the ship. As for [damage to Alien ships] it could be there a new line showing this particular info for every single weapon in the [main weapon screen] as this is a brand-new added detail. Its value can be always ‘0’ until a related seed-chip is added to the ship.


Finally, I hope you consider my recommendation and by the way, it would be nice if there will be a lock button to use on seed-chips for not being loosed by mistake when using seed-chips to upgrade another ones.


My regards.


Hello again, to be very short I suggest the following :


  • Seed-chips effects to be shown in the proper space.
  • Seed-chips lock button to be added.
  • Seed-chips to be trade-able for GS [only for Mk.5].
  • Seed-chips details to be more clear [difference between total damage and main weapon kind damage - difference between rate of fire and main damage of rate of fire - Shield resistance to all damage and resistance to certain weapon kind damage for seed-chips that have both] etc.

I agree! I actually put considerable effort into building a large spreadsheet of all my seed chips to help select the most appropriate chip for each ship, but then I don’t even know if my calculations are even correct. All this takes a lot of time and effort and a little help from the user interface would be very much appreciated!


Damage seems to increase but some other parameters do not work as I expected, maybe not at all, I’m not sure, because adding seed chips doesn’t change the specs displayed in the hanger ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) I assume this is because they are deactivated in PVP, so they are not considered global bonuses?


As for not working as intended or at all, it sure would help if I could actually see the effects. I was just testing out increase in main weapon range in open space. I have a seed chip installed that is supposed to increase weapon range 20%. I’m definitely NOT getting a 20% increase. Yesterday I also tested 25% increase in main weapon cooling also in open space. It was a little harder to be sure of that one, but it seems to take the same amount of time to cool down the main weapon after full overheat. If some of the bonuses are not working. Anyone else experiencing this???


Damage too, it seems to be more, but it’s impossible to know if it’s working as expected because the damage is affected by the targets damage resistance… or is it. I’m not sure, I have not found this documented. It seems like the damage is different on different targets, but I could be wrong, perhaps the spec weapon damage number is shown in the HUD on impact, but the actual shield or hull consumed on the target is adjusted according to damage resistance.