Seed Chips Affecting Special Modules

Seed chips should affect special (F) modules on all ships.


Currently, anything with a special module that deals damage, immediately has no reason to continue using their special module because seed chips don’t affect it. The damage does not scale at all, and recharge/range/etc are not affected either.


This puts LRF’s in particular at a steep disadvantage in PvE/PvAI.

The way scaling is done in PvE anyways is flawed beyond belief - it’s not just  special  modules that are useless. If your module isn’t providing a helpful debuff, damage bonuses of any sort, slowing enemies or a high tier utility like invisibility then you may as well not be using them at all.
Main weapons just simply do  so much more damage  than any damage module unless it’s one of the two bugged modules - which have been publicly known about for more than a year but the developers haven’t even bothered investigating them despite literal bug reports and discussion occurring multiple times on the RU forums.

Adding a pool of chips that have special module altering abilities would probably drown everything into oblivion of farming. If one wants to add more effects to the pool then we need to have something that can combine chips, either that or more chip slots.

Don’t add effects. Just make the current ones work on spec mods. Ezpz.


And a way to combine chips would already be epic.

Tbh i´m impressed that it gives not such a function of “rerolling” the passives from the chips with the option to reroll the effect at all or the stat it provides. Don´t know how hard such a thing would be to implement but i would rather spend millions of credits on rerolling then hoping to find a “perfect” chip and the “strange upgrade mechanic” that exists right now.

Feel free to suggest your own concept of how to improve the current chips ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

i mean

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i mean

Make it agin.

Hey that’s cool

Improving is da wae ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)