Sector Control Requests


     So, As an avid player of Star Conflict and a full time gamer I and others I have spoke with feel sector control is pointless right now. We all understand the game is in beta but the formulas and weird ways that factions can be utilized makes sector control completely confusing. Sector Control is the largest and most immersible portion of this game making it the only reason I and most of my friends play. So I have listed below a few ideas that I and i’m sure others would like to see in this HUGE portion of the game.

  1. Factions need to be separated completely this is the number one issue I see and hear. That fact that you can sign with any faction and use ships with any faction makes having factions pointless. 
  2. Once signed onto a faction to switch factions should have consequences. Otherwise players who worked so hard to counter an enemy get shot down by the fact that the enemy is able to use any factions ships, leaving it nearly impossible to judge who is a real team mate or just on your team for that single game.
  3. Corporations should only be allowed to sign with a single faction and recruit players only from the faction they are signed to. If this is utilized in this manner the percentages based upon a sector will truly determine that factions efforts.

Below I have also listed some Ideas that I am sure will most likely be implemented into the game but just a refresher if anyone cares.

  • Having faction side chats. (A chat box or channel that is purely each factions own.) This will help with coordinating team work in all aspects of the game.
  • Reducing the number of real money purchasable items. This is a problem in a lot of games and have been the reason so many of my friends and fellow gamers quit games. No one wants to work super hard to have an awesome set up just to be murdered by a guy who bought everything that day. We all realize money is what gets these games out there and helps support developing and publishing costs. But, there is a fine line of having “options” to purchase VS turning the game into a pay-to-win game. This is the fastest way to lose players because eventually people will get tired of competing with some rich guy who can put less effort and still over power you. My suggestion is to have real money items not affect game play but only aesthetic appeal (I.E. Stickers, Colors of rocket trails, Sounds, Even images.) But having better damage or anything that can make something better is just going to lessen your fan base. Sure you may get money out of it but in time your amazing game will turn into nothing but a game we once played.
  • Possibly lessening the time it takes to capture a sector. I know I have logged on saw that we had 11 hours to capture a sector and decided to play something else until about an hour before. This will give players a satisfaction knowing they are making a bigger difference in regards to the percentage of the sector your faction controls. 


I would like to conclude by saying I believe this game has huge potential and it is put together very well. I love playing and will look forward to seeing the progress this game takes towards becoming a masterpiece. 


Players have worked for tier’d gear from ea faction by switching around. In my opinion, contract switching is another money sink / gr. From what I’ve seen; Should you choose to join a corp. You’re limited to conquest for whichever faction your corp has aligned with, however, whichever faction you choose to grind for will determine the equipment and roles you’ve available. I see no problem with how the factions are currently; Outside of a role-playing perspective. And; No, no one wants to be locked down in choices… If you want to play as a RP Corp who only fly’s Federation ship; that’s your own prerogative. Players often have an Ogre in their dwarf guilds…


Lastly; I don’t see anything in this post in relation to the Game Mode: Conquest Control, I was misled when coming here…

-1 on limiting ship use or imposing penalties for switching factions. We’re contracted mercenaries, not soldiers. It’s totally fitting that we can buy a ship from a faction and turn right around and fly it against them.

Salesman: “So, where do you want your Deimos delivered?”

Me: “WX-53”

Salesman: “Ah, fighting off the federation scum attacking there. Good man.”

Me: “Uh… yeah! Definitely! Thanks”.


But +1 on sector conquest teams being on the same faction.

Edit: Actually, I’ll spin that idea out in to a new thread.