Sector Conquest

(my english is bad too)


This sector battle Conquest was done (in my opinion) just to attract players to play more and have some sort of (yay) when a corporation captures a sector and fights their asses off. 


we all know that the less sectors a faction has the more precent it has to regain newer ones, now it has that jericho is dominating, 



so lets face it, 


its no way to win over another faction, 


having a sector in the big world does not mean anything more than that corp is working their asses of to get it,


having a sector is just like getting nothing out of alot of work.


now in jericho our corps works our asses off to gain another sector but we noticed that its 100 precent sure that no faction will ever get 100 precent captured. and the enemies almost doesn’t even need to fight 

back in order to gain or defend their sector. (wich makes hole game totally unfair)




so whats the hole point of sector battle? so people will realise this or soon and just leave the game, i feel like i work for something but then i notice, oh no i Dont. and having 1 or 100 sectors makes no difference.


all there is to it is might be able to find a corporation where you can talk and squad upp with teammates in order to have fun and doing more battles together.


but for real, if this sector conquest cannot be made fair for everyone or having a sector wont even mean anything then yea, this is boring. 


im playing all day with ships i dont really want (i do not pay for premium) but i still have played alottt. and now, im bored, really i dont know what i fight for, there is nothing in this game that can make you show off.


its fun killing players and become a good “pilot” but still, sectors means nothing in this game, it just looks like it does but it does not. 


will there be made more, and more fair gaming in the next patches, like expand this sector conquest into a new lvl where players actually achieve something by getting sectors or have a chance of totally take over another faction.


im about just to leave this game (because i feel like, okay im playing a game but only space battles is not good enough and why does not tier 4-5 battles have same maps as tier 3, its always capture the beacon, if ur ship dies it does not respawn and those modes,) 


if guilds could become stronger with more players instead of having some sort of lame 150 maximum players in the corp and make some sort of easier way to communicate with corp members it would been alot better, i understand this game is not finished but man i have played it for over half a year now… 


if you know what game, astroempires is, just a browser based game, but they have brilliant way of talking in the guilds and write things down in a own board for it. all we got is a list of members.


i do realise not as many is playing this game as before, as it begun it was around 4000 players online all the time and i was in quee all the time waiting to get into gaming. now its around 2000 online at normal daytime. 


i really hope things changes, and this with dreadnoughts and so on would be really impressive to take a look at. and upgrading of corporations. 



in before the edit/ban/change

As far as I have noticed, Sector Conquest is rigged to xxxx.

No matter who you fight for, or how many wins you get, 1 faction will always outshine another because it’s rigged.


There is no way you would get even %'s like 90/10 if it wasn’t rigged.  

The sector conquest is still not in it’s final state and will get more usefull features.


The closer you get to the enemy headquarter the harded it gets to capture the sectors. This mechanism is needed to prevent one faction from winning all sectors in a short time.


We are still in beta and there are a lot more things planned so please try to stay patient.

waited like 3-4 weeks now since last update, when is the next patch gonna come? this month? i hope so >_>


and it has been beta for like half a year now. was alot more fun when i had nukes and so on,