Sector Conquest - rewards distribution

I know there is another thread regarding rewards but this is a bit different and the Sector Conquest (SC) has changed since then.


I find it unfair that rewards go to all players in the corp even though they cannot or don’t want to participate in the SC.

I think it would be more fair if the CEO can setup a group of members that will receive rewards from SC (or can setup a group that excludes specific players who won’t receive rewards).
The rewards that someone would receive now under current system would go with the new system to the others (evenly distributed).


I receive rewards even though I’m not really equipped to fight (and win) SC battles. I would be willing to give the rewards to the ones fighting in SC (even though it’s not much but the thought counts).


As an example:

  • Corp has a sector with 10000 credits per cycle

  • corp has 20 members, 5 members are excluded (don’t receive SC rewards with the new system)
     > each of the 15 members receiving rewards with the new system would get 13333 credits per cycle


What do you think? Do you have another suggestion about reward distribution?

That would promote bot farming. Multiple accounts > join corp > afk with rewards shared to main account > profit.

Also, the second issue which i think you are already aware of, the rewards are not split to the amount of players in corp, but each sector tells how many rewards each pilot of the corp gets individually.

Well then there should be a policy for SC that accounts inactive for more than a month should not receive rewards. One person having multiple accounts is not allowed and will lead to disabling account(s) as far as I read it here in the forums.

That is still a very exploitable system, you could just login with each account once a month.

That is still a very exploitable system, you could just login with each account once a month.

I agree but only if the game/servers don’t track accounts/login properly to identify multiple account usage.